smART HOME design
smART HOME design


Architectural design process has four phases:

Predesign - this is where I identify your project’s objectives, gather data on the your needs and identify what the site offers as opportunities and constraints. 

Sketch or Schematic design - I will meet with you to determine your projects program - what rooms/space you dream  
of having - and start to put these dreams on paper. This is often done with hand sketches allowing us to quickly  explore multiple solutions. I approach this as a team effort where you are intimately involved in all of the decisions.

Pricing / Permitting or Design Development - adding detail to the chosen schematic design, providing more detail of your design and working with the construction team to develop a preliminary budget. At this stage documents can be reviewed by regulatory and review boards, if required. 

Construction Documents - This is when the documents used for construction are developed. Detail in drawn and  written form shows the materials, products and assemblies decided on earlier to assure your building matches your initial dream. Typically these drawings include: dimensioned plans, noted elevations, sections, notes of window and doors to  be used and foundation/framing plans. In more complex projects structural engineers, mechanical and civil  drawings may be added to this package.

This is an example of a typical process; I will customize the process to your needs as requested. 

Other services include:

Construction administration- available to assist the construction team with achieving a job complete on time and on budget 

Feasibility studies- limited service to determine a project viability.