smART HOME design
smART HOME design

Portfolio of Work

Carriage House

The carriage house was designed by architect Gridley James Fox Bryant between 1864-65 for Captain William Parrot. The clients wanted to turn the property into upscale rental space for  Portsmouth N.H., the challenge being to stay contained within the Historic shell. The result is an envelope that is much more energy efficient with well insulated walls /roof containing a contemporary interior that surprises when juxtaposed with the historic exterior. The spaces are filled with natural light and designed to utilize natural ventilation for passive cooling. A great combination of preserving the past while moving into the future.

Coastal Home

This existing home was a 19th Century Captains’ house in coastal Maine. Asked to reorganize the interior spaces and design an addition that worked with the needs of a growing family and the historic forms. Using a photo found which revealed the location a barn from years before as a guide for the addition. The design creates a series of different sized spaces, allowing a large family privacy for both parents and teenagers. The interior is finished in an informal yet traditional style. 

New Offices OLD containers

Working with a team this design converts a warehouse space into fun/ contemporary office space. The owner wanted to use shipping containers for their sustainable qualities and flexibility. We worked with the client to create a fun quirky work environment which can easily be converted back to a warehouse if ever it is time to sell and move again. 

Contemporary Home in Southern Maine

This simple home is carefully placed between a country road and a bird sanctuary.  The design links the two conditions with an organizing axis that connects front door to back door allowing the experience of this path to open and unfold the spaces as it leads you to the view. This was a truly collaborative venture with the clients to create a unique and  personal series of spaces.